Terry Corridan

My name is Terry Corridan and I live in New Zealand. I was born in England in the county of Herefordshire but lived most of my earlier life in London in the borough of Greenwich, within walking distance to the famous Greenwich Observatory. I became seriously involved in astronomy later in life but my interest in astronomy started much earlier. In my early twenties I had the opportunity to be a crew member on a yacht being delivered to the Virgin Islands in the West Indies. There is nothing - nothing - that could engage your interest in astronomy more that to be sitting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean thousands of kilometres from the nearest land, and any light pollution, and to look up into the night sky and see the whole of the milky way and more stars than you thought possible. It was absolutely stunning and I was hooked for ever.

When I discovered astrophotography I decided that if I was to pursue it seriously I needed an observatory so in January 2014 I built one in my back garden and the road to astrophotography began seriously.

I moved to New Zealand permanently in 1974 and am currently living in the small town of Kerikeri in the Bay Of Islands.

I’m retired now but my last job was teaching Information Technology at the local Polytechnic.

My personal website is: www.astro-keri.com