Victor C. Rogus

posted 14 Dec 2013, 14:54 by Tom Toughill   [ updated 25 Mar 2014, 16:05 by Kayron Mercieca ]
It is with great honour we welcome Victor to the Gibraltar Astronomical Society as Affiliate Member. 

Jadwin, Missouri, United States of America

Victor has been interested in Astrophotography since buying his first telescope in 1984 to capture Halley's comet on its return to Earth in April 1986. 

This image went on to win Astronomy Magazine's "Best Astro Photo" in its August 1986 Issue. 

Since then Victor has gone on to photograph meteor showers, occulations, transits, eclipses but comets have always held a special place in his heart and remain his favourite.

Having spent many years in Victor and his wife retired moving from their "badly light polluted backyard in the Chicago suburbs" 500miles to Jadwin Missouri. Their 100 acre piece of land, dubbed by Victor and his wife as their own "Hundred acre wood", offers very dark night skies with effectively zero light pollution.

Victor spends his time either passing endless nights out in the dark, or hard at work caring for abused or neglected animals. In the future, Victor has ideas to expand tourism in the area of Jadwin, Missouri by enticing Astronomer and Astrophotographers alike to their dark skies. 

Victor has published his work in many magazines and websites including:

Here is some more examples of Victor's amazing work:

Comet Panstarrs passing near to M31, the Andromeda Galaxy